An explosion of colors in your #tropical summer

Featured An explosion of colors in your #tropical summer

Arrived in the middle of summer, in a July that promises to be red-hot, let's try to escape from the city in every free moment, for a trip to the sea, the mountains or the lake.

With our heads now projected to the upcoming summer holidays, we can only offer you the more exotic trend that we thought for the year 2019: TROPICAL.

Let's close our eyes, let's imagine we are on a beach crowded with people and let's look around.

The girl sitting in the beach-umbrella next to us, is wearing a bikini that recalls exotic fruits such as pineapple, coconut, mango and lime.

His partner instead, wears a green costume with a texture that evokes palm trees and the exotic climate, perfectly matched to the towel on which he is laid down, also with a print of cacti.

Their two sons, on the other hand, are getting ready to go on the water, obviously after they have got a sufficient quantity of cream to be able to face the sun by 15.

Marco, 8 years old, together with his dad is blowing up a huge animal lifesaver with the shape of a pink flamingo.

Little sister Sara, 4, is moving into a friend's umbrella to play the game of "Pizzaiolo on the beach", taking orders from the neighborhood and simulating succulent sandy pizzas. To move from one umbrella to another and prevent sunburn on the sand, she wears a pair of colorful flip-flops with animal designs, probably depicting one of his favorite cartoons.

After the moment of games under the umbrella, it is time to go and have a bath, with the inseparable balloon to play in the water.
In the air there is an enviable climate of thoughtlessness.

We follow the cheerful family along the water-line and walk on the beach wearing headphones. Spotify, "Summer 2019" playlist, random play, play. The execution of "Tropicale" starts, Francesca Michielin.

We start humming "I run on the beach, there's a tropical party" with soaking feet and the clear mind.

We reopen our eyes, we are in our office waiting for 18:30 to come out, and endlessly dreaming of summer holidays, to switch off and relax.

We arrive home and find at the entrance one of the Velcoc doormats from the tropical collection, there the family, the children, the costumes, the sea and the inflatable mattresses present in the our flashback. Let's smile. Summer seems to be a little closer.

As you may have understood, whether you are really at sea or still in your home in the city, a few elements are enough to identify yourself in the situation in which you would like to find yourself.
And the tropical collection, with a riot of bright colors, exotic patterns, palms, toucans and summer fruits, will help your momentary escape from reality.

Good summer!
PS: after reading this article, 6.30pm will come first! :D

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