#Subway: the underground world and metropolitan style

Featured #Subway: the underground world and metropolitan style

An intricate network that unfolds under the streets and under our feet. A parallel reality which lives in our own temporality, but with other rhythms, different sounds and colors. This is the world of the subways, an underground cobweb that allows you to move easily and quickly from one point to another in the today’s big cities.

The metro, however, is not just a simple place of passage, but has the potential to become small masterpieces of architecture and creativity. Entering in some lines and stations scattered around the world, it seems to have come out of one time machine and access to a different reality, made up of underground caves, of splendid buildings and futuristic places.


This is what happens, for example, entering the subsoil of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, whose metros were built in 1935 and are distinguished by the magnificent marble walls, golden mosaics and crystal chandeliers. The London metro, instead, one of the oldest and most extensive in the world, comes commonly called The Tube for the shape of its tunnel, with a circular section, and is characterized by being an expression of the history and art of the city, especially in its beautiful stations.

If we then move to Paris, a stop at the Arts et Métiers Station is mandatory, project by the Belgian cartoonist François Schuiten, who paid homage to the Bicentennial of the Museum of Arts and Crafts, located above the station of the same name. This place, with vaults covered with copper plates and walls with portholes like the inside of a submarine,  allows you to travel with imagination and infiltrate in the universe of Jules Verne and his Nautilus of "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea".


It is from this city universe that the metropolitan style is born, evocative of the large cities and busy streets, which is also reflected in the furnishing of the house, with essential and modern lines. In a mix of urban and industrial trends, the protagonist materials are the brick, the cement and stone, in an atmosphere of neutral and rough tones.

New York, Paris, Boston, Tokyo, Milan, London ... The Velcoc collection by September, with maps designs of some of the most famous underground railways in the world, it is inspired by the metropolitan style, one of the most representative of the new generations, thanks to its immediacy, to the will to express themselves in complete freedom and the ability to suggest their own personal elegance. In it, the choice of the whole,  goes hand in hand with the careful selection of the details. Choose one of the coir doormats from the Velcoc collection to give to your home an urban touch!