40 x 75 CM



Not a simple doormat, but a protection against viruses and bacteria

Bactericidal and virucidal treatment

During the finishing phase, the Safety Tray mat undergoes a bactericidal and virucidal treatment which, in a few minutes, guarantees the elimination of all types of viruses (including Coronaviruses) and all microbes and bacteria. In this way, carpets, fabrics and internal surfaces are protected from contamination and proliferation of bacteria, microbes and other pathogenic elements.

This treatment uses the antibacterial and antiviral properties of silver ions, which act on the cell membrane of the bacterium and virus and destroy it.

What is it made of


The Safety Tray carpet, produced in 100% polypropylene fiber, is characterized by the needle-punched processing of the fabric, which gives greater resistance, flexibility and thorough cleaning.


The container, with raised and recessed edges, is made of rubber, a resistant material, easy to clean, non-slip and perfect for preventing movement of the carpet inserted inside it.

Practical and functional

SAFETY TRAY:the innovative doormat, designed by our team of experts to fully meet the needs of cleaning and hygiene. In fact, as never before, it is necessary to find a product that ensures maximum sanitation of the environments. Safety Tray is the ideal doormat to be placed at the entrance of the house and at the entrance of high-density traffic areas such as shops, clinics, offices, gyms and schools.

A comfortable and effective carpet, with a containment tank which, thanks to the covering edges, fixes the fabric without need of glues.

How to use the Safety Tray?

The new frontier of the entrance mat.
The needled fabric, bactericidal and virucidal, guarantees a deep cleaning. Simply rub the shoes on the Safety Tray inner mat to eliminate viruses and bacteria from the shoe soles. Thanks to the possibility of removing the fabric from the frame, the maintenance of the carpet will be much easier. Just clean the tray mat with running water and wash the fabric by hand at a temperature of 30 degrees.

The antibacterial and antiviral function lasts for at least 3 years if the product is not washed, otherwise it resists for 15/20 gentle washes.

Available colours

Safety Tray is available in three colors: gray, beige, anthracite.

Always with an eye also to the aesthetics of our creations, we have chosen to decline the doormat in these neutral colors, shades able to harmonize with any environment in which they are inserted, nuances that easily adapt to any type of entrance.

Don't throw me! Reuse me

We at Velcoc are attentive to issues related to sustainability and recycling. For this reason we have thought of an alternative use of the tank, once the antibacterial tissue has finished its function.

Shoe tray

The rubber tub is excellent as a container not only for everyday footwear, but also for work shoes, boots and training sneakers.

Bowl holder for animals

An alternative use of the tub is to transform it into a bowl holder for animals. In this way, in fact, food and water will not be lost and the house will remain clean and tidy.

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