About us
Industry leader for over 100 years

Giacomini & Gambarova srl, present in the sector since 1910, has witnessed constant development over the years.

We are the world's largest producer of coir doormats and rolls, with an annual production of 12 million pieces.
Not a simple doormat
The ingredients of Giacomini & Gambarova?
Professional and working
well together Team
in Research
Raw material and design

These are the elements that have allowed us to grow over time, leading the company to merge with the Gambarova company and open up to new international markets, with an expanded and renewed range of products, ready to meet customer needs.

Hospitality is an art

The love for beauty and the pursuit of the highest quality are combined in Velcoc with the continuous optimization of the production process and the experimentation of low environmental impact processes.

The considerable technological investments and the design of innovative products have allowed the company to obtain excellent standards of quality and productivity, without ever forgetting environmental sustainability, as demonstrated by the use of 100% recycled materials and the quality management system certified ISO 9001: 2015.

Unique people, our wealth

The expansion that the company has gone through would have been impossible without the support of the entire team that has been with Velcoc for years. People who have in common the desire to do something beautiful, new, together. For the company it is very important to take care of relationships and the human aspect; and people are the center of the Velcoc world: collaborators, stakeholders, customers and final consumers.

Social entrepreneurship

The foundation in 2000 of Kerafibertex represents the fulfillment of a social and entrepreneurial project: the fusion of two different cultures to create an even more innovative and environmentally friendly product. A goal achieved in terms of Sustainability, understood both as respect for nature and as human well-being: a better product, made in a better environment.

With Velcoc, every style finds its ideal doormat: the most welcoming welcome to tell about yourself and your home.
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