Innovation and the market
How it all begins

Each story is a mix of ingenuity and passion. The creative process that leads to the birth of our products? A journey in which we employ all of ourselves: knowledge, imagination, curiosity and experience.

The heart

The starting point: our heart, our values ​​and the wealth of experience gained over time. Passion, resilience, sustainable commitment: these are the foundations of our way of working and the characteristics that make Velcoc products unique.

We are always looking for new trends and innovative products to offer to the customer.
Listening to the market
The eyes and ears

Listening carefully to the market and observing new trends, without neglecting the needs and requirements of customers: this is our source of inspiration and the challenge we face every day. With eyes wide open and ears pricked, to shape functionality and design.

The hands and the mind

We are committed to the research and development of innovative and environmentally friendly products, employing thought and manual skill in the design and experimentation of new materials and technological solutions that allow the optimization of production processes.

The look

The offer of our company, leader in the sector, is aimed at an international panorama. In fact, our carpets and doormats are marketed all over the world; for this reason it is necessary to have an open look able to grasp the specific requests of each market.

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