Social and environmental sustainability

The ability to balance social, economic and environmental sustainability is the very meaning of the concept of sustainable development, which has become central to our company.

Our company philosophy:

Achieve a better quality of life through sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Environment, health and safety (EHS)

Velcoc's intent is to contribute to making the world greener, minimizing the environmental impact. For this purpose, objectives have been established in accordance with national and international standards and we have developed a specific system to identify and monitor the use and generation of resources.

The team of our collaborators is like a big family for us. To guarantee them a safe and healthy workplace, we ensure that our factories adhere to international standards and develop a culture of responsibility and safety in the company.

Renewable energies

Thanks to the installation of photovoltaic systems in India and Italy, we have started to use renewable energy in our factories. A solution that has allowed us to fight carbon emissions and increase energy savings and efficiency.


To recycle 100% of the waste resulting from the production of coir doormats, we use two different machines, which allow us to recover both the coir, which is then used in the agricultural sector, and the pvc, reused as a basis for the new production.


Velcoc is committed not only to the continuous research and experimentation of innovative and environmentally friendly materials and to the development of efficient technologies for the production process, but also to the promotion of the philosophy of conservation of nature and its resources in the workplace.

Sustainable logistics

The foundation in India, in 2000, of Kerafibertex was a strategic choice that allowed our company to guarantee its direct supply and the possibility of having constant and deep contact with the raw material and with those who produce it.

Not only that: this investment has contributed to reducing pollution and the environmental impact of our business, thanks also to the reduction of transport and the smaller volume of waste during the production process, also allowing us to benefit from a more professional and efficient coir.

Greenhouse gas emissions

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is the area of ​​intervention par excellence to combat the growth of carbon and is a very important part of our strategic plan to combat climate change.

Social commitment

Aware of our responsibility to society and eager to do our part, we are committed to creating a healthy and positive work environment for our company's employees.

We have been certified for the international standard SA 8000: 2014, relating to corporate social responsibility and ethics; the actions taken in this direction are then validated by inspections and audits by our customers, buyers and third-party bodies.

We have created various social and solidarity activities and initiatives aimed at the communities that interact with us and the territories that host our production plants.
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