The mysterious East, where it all begins

A story that smells of the East. A journey undertaken back in 1910 which, with great passion and determination, continues today.

The beginnings

The business adventure of the Giacomini family began in 1910, with the establishment of an artisan company dedicated to the import of spices from India. This activity was soon joined, more precisely in 1912, by the trade of coir yarns.

After the war

Between the two world wars, the entrepreneurial impulse and the propensity for innovation led in a short time to the birth of the weaving company based in Tezze di Vazzola, where 120 workers work on the production of coir doormats.


In 1974 the Velcoc brand was born which, over the years, became synonymous with coir fiber doormats. It is in fact through this brand that the company positions itself as a world leader in the production and marketing of this product.

"Innovation and passion: two ingredients that have always characterized our work"

Present in the sector for more than 100 years, Velcoc combines in itself, on the one hand, the love for design and qualitative excellence and, on the other, the commitment to the search for the best and low environmental impact production process.

The man of the turning point
Egidio Giacomini

The second generation is the engine that gives birth to the first great technological revolution, investing in cutting-edge machinery and specialized personnel. In 1992 there was a change in the management of the company: Egidio Giacomini, who took his name from his grandfather, founder of the company, became the new CEO, taking over the leadership of Giacomini & Gambarova. A new era begins for the Velcoc brand.

"The Kerafibertex company: the result of the fusion of two different cultures"

In 2000 Egidio Giacomini, thanks also to the indispensable help of his collaborators, founded Kerafibertex Int. Pvt. Ltd in the state of Kerala, in south-western India. This entrepreneurial strategy allows him to secure a direct supply of the coir yarn.

"We chose India, and Kerala in particular, because it has always been and still is the beating heart of the tradition in the processing of coir fiber."

We needed to invest in a place with deep knowledge and a deep-rooted ability to transform the raw material. This is why we have chosen Kerala, a tropical paradise that bears in its name one of the most widespread plants in the whole country: the "kera", the coconut tree. The crops of coconut palm, which make up about 40% of the surface of this state, are not only a source of livelihood for the population, but they contain a centuries-old tradition, they are part of the culture of Kerala. In fact, the machinery we use today to make doormats and coir rolls is directly inspired by the experience of Indian artisans.

"We are working on something completely new. So the past taught us, so we prepare for the future."

The Giacomini family, mindful of the glorious past and looking to the future, is continuing to invest heavily in research and development. Four generations for a hundred years of history and thousands of products marketed all over the world make Giacomini & Gambarova an international company.

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