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Present in the sector since 1910, Velcoc has always been committed to the research and testing of innovative, sustainable and high quality materials and products and to the development of technological and avant-garde processes and production systems.

Coconut texture

The bobbins are positioned on the loom that unrolls the reels and cuts the fiber into the desired thickness. The small pieces obtained are then placed on a thin PVC film, previously spread. Immediately afterwards, the belt passes into a long drying oven and, once this step is completed, the rolls are obtained from which the Velcoc doormats will then be born.


Coconut fiber is recognized and appreciated for being an extremely resistant and rot-proof natural material.


The waste deriving from the various manufacturing processes is totally recovered and used for the production of items such as substrate, soil, geotextile nets and decorative pots.


In Italy 2000 square meters of doormats are produced per day, while in India the production capacity is around 17,000 square meters.

Coconut fibers are made up of 50% cellulose and 50% lignin. For this reason the material is elastic, strong and resistant.
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Print on coconut

Coconut printing is the technology in which we have invested the most in recent years: in addition to the classic and widespread screen printing, in complete synergy with the manufacturer, we have developed an exclusive machine for digital printing, 100% made in Italy.


Water-based colors are used for processing; a wide range continuously updated!


Thanks to just-in-time production, Velcoc is able to guarantee rapid supplies and even for small quantities.

The evolution of the coconut doormat: Velcoc gives the possibility of complete customization even for small supplies - a service impossible to provide until today.

A process that, through an electrostatic field and special frames, gives life to doormats with velvet effect decorations, pleasant to the touch and beautiful to look at.


Thanks to the versatility of the machinery and our technicians, we have been able to apply this process to different types of doormats.


This technology guarantees a lasting and stable result over time.

The flocking treatment gives the rugs a unique style and timeless elegance, bright colors, a velvety texture and visual and tactile pleasure.
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Other processes: pressing and gumming

Ideal for any living situation, they combine the need for practicality with high absorbency. The carpets with these processes are particularly functional thanks to the anti-slip properties and the reduced thickness, which makes them easy to handle and comfortable.

We invest in research and experimentation with new materials and innovative technologies.
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