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Velcoc and sustainability looking to the future
Guided by energy, willpower and desire for redemption

What is sustainable development for Velcoc? The ability to balance social sustainability with economic and environmental. With this in mind, our company is committed on a daily basis to achieving a better quality of life through sustainable and environmentally friendly products, minimizing environmental impact and contributing in its small way to change for a better tomorrow.

Velcoc for sustainability: environment, health and safety

Our employees are our second family, which is why we strive to ensure that they have a safe and healthy workplace that complies with international standards. With the aim of greening our business, we have also developed a specific system to identify and monitor the use and generation of resources.

Velcoc for sustainability: renewable energy and waste recycling

Photovoltaic systems have been installed in the production plants in India and Italy, a solution that has allowed us to counteract the carbon emissions related to our business and to increase the saving and energy efficiency of the company.
Of the Coir you don’t throw anything away! The medium-term objective of Velcoc, in fact, is to work in a circular economy perspective, recovering 100% of production waste.

Velcoc for sustainability: logistics and greenhouse gas emissions

In 2000 Kerafibertex was founded in India, a strategic choice that allowed our company to ensure direct supply and the possibility of having a constant and deep contact with the raw material and with those who produce it.
This investment, then, has contributed to the reduction of pollution and environmental impact of our company, thanks also to the reduction of transport and the lower volume of production waste.

Velcoc for sustainability: social commitment

Velcoc is certified to the international standard SA 8000:2014, relating to social responsibility and business ethics. Aware of our responsibility to society and eager to do our part, we have created various activities and initiatives of a social and supportive nature aimed at communities that interact with us and the territories that host our production plants.

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