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Why choose cotton rugs

When we have to choose a mat for our home,  it is important to think not only of aesthetics, but also of the type of material with which it is made and the characteristics of the room in which we are going to insert it. These furniture complements, in fact, do not just decorate rooms, but they are also functional and versatile elements that offer comfort, warmth and more safety.

Cultivated in India from more than 3000 years, the cotton is one of the  fibers more used in the world, a natural material of plant origin,  very absorbent and soft to the touch.
The cotton rugs are suitable for use in most wet rooms of the house such as the bathroom and kitchen. Easy to clean and resistant, they can be washed at high temperatures without the original colors being ruined and guarantee a high degree of cleaning and sanitization.

There are many advantages offered by this material:
- high capacity and absorption;
- good resistance to usury and abrasion;
- lightness;
- hypoallergenicity;
- softness;
- perspiration;
- maximum customization.

Velcoc offers a wide range of flexible and absorbent cotton rugs, with so many colors and patterns to choose from, designed to fit perfectly with any style.

Available in:
- assorted packs of 18 pieces (50 x 80 x 0.6)
- assorted packs of 9 pieces (60 x 100 x 0.6)

Available in:
- assorted packs of 8 pieces (50 x 80 x 1.5)
- assorted packs of 8 pieces (60 x 100 x 1.5)

Available in:
- assorted packs of 18 pieces (50 x 90 x 1)

Available in:
- assorted packs of 8 pieces (50 x 80 x 1)

Available in:
- assorted packs of 18 pieces (50 x 80 x 0.3)

Available in:
- assorted packs of 12 pieces (50 x 80 x 0.5) 
- assorted packs of 8 pieces (50 x 120 x 0.5)

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