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How to clean doormats
Useful ideas and tips for optimal maintenance

The doormat is the business card that welcomes guests at the entrance of the house, one fundamental cleaning tool that captures dust and impurities between its fibers, ours great ally that helps keep the house clean and tidy.
Day after day, however, the doormat becomes a real receptacle of dirt, bacteria and germs. For this reason it must be periodically sanitized with care and method.

To maintain its effectiveness over time, it is important to take care and clean it regularly this piece of furniture in the most suitable way, so as to safeguard the its strength, endurance and efficiency as long as possible and to preserve the integrity of the material and colors. The doormat should be beaten and swept weekly; once a month, however, it is good to proceed with a deeper cleaning that also includes the wash.  Depending on the composition of the mat, it changes the procedure to follow to clean it better.

Rubber mat cleaning

If the doormat is made of rubber, it must first be slammed vigorously from both sides and vacuum to remove surface dust and bulk of dirt. You can proceed with hand washing with running water and a mild detergent. The last step? Rinse it carefully and leave it in the open air to dry.

Coir doormat cleaning

The coir doormat, on the other hand, must be beaten with the carpet beater both on the front and on the back and then vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner. 

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